Husumer Protest pigs

Husumer Protest pigs

On our farm

Since 2015 the Husumer Protest pig "Trude" belongs to our farm. The then pregnant mother sow was the beginning of our pig herd.

About the protest pigs

The breed was bred at the end of the 19th century after the conquest of Schleswig-Holstein by Prussia and Austria. The pig has a color scheme similar to the Danish flag. The new breed was the protest of Danes living in North Friesland to the ban on hoisting the Danneborg. Föhr was also previously divided into two parts, the west (including our farm) Danish, the east Prussian.

First class meat quality

The good fat coverage of the meat makes a maturation (hanging) of 6 weeks in our maturation room possible. The weight reduction of 15 % results in an intensive, wonderful taste. It gives a hint of the extensive feeding with hay, grass and some organic cereals.