Tasting Testimonials

Bob Bales tasted our New Make!

We are pleased to announce that Bob Bales has tasted our New Make in the company of some experts. They came to the following conclusion:

Without water

Nose: malty note, fresh grains with some yeast and spent grain, then a zest of orange/lemon essential oils.

Palate: fruit explosion with a touch of vegetal notes in the background. Then maritime notes come in with a dry finish.

With water

Nose: Yeasty and less fruit.

= After a few minutes the fruity note comes back, and expand.

Palate: fruit note weak at the beginning, then stronger again. Some stickiness and soft licorice in the background.

= After a few more minutes oily and floral with a long finish.

Empty glass

After 10 minutes the grain is back and a big fruity note.

Overall Verdict: Score 1.5

Bob Bales:

Hello Jan Robert,

I put your distillate to the test last night with the board of the Erfurt Whisky Club. As I suspected, you don't need to hide your product, bravo. You have good chances to stand your ground in the crowd of German producers. Quality and taste is your guarantee. We also talked about the maritime notes that you will get on Föhr when maturing. Besides, with the organic status, you're right on trend.

All the best


Also Julia Nourney tasted our product: Frisian Single Farm Whisky - cuvée - First Batch - 54,5% abv.

Julia Nourney is an international spirits expert and barrel manager who has been involved with whisky and many other spirits for decades. Julia Nourney's knowledge and interest in whisky has already been rewarded by the gourmet magazine "der Feinschmecker" and the Scottish distillery Glenfiddich with the title "Whisky Connoisseur of the Year".


From field to glass - the actual implementation of this statement is fulfilled today only by a few distilleries. Worldwide! All the more remarkable is the result that Hinrichsen Farm on the North Frisian island of Föhr is now presenting, right off the bat'. Keep it up!


dark amber with copper reflections


gentle spicy notes such as vanilla, mace, bay leaves, long pepper and a hint of clove, but also some milk chocolate and wood smoke, only at second glance reveals the malt with discreetly sweet malt sugar notes and cereal hints as on a warm summer day after the harvest. The aging barrels present themselves with a fresh wood aroma and dried fruit like from raisins and barberries.


A similar, albeit much more intense, picture emerges here. Again, the spicy notes are in the foreground, now with more pronounced pepper and bay notes, vanilla and mace fade into the background. The kilning of the malt shows up with distinct roasted notes, reminiscent of dark cocoa beans and roasted hazelnuts (without sugar!). The influences of the oak barrels are also more intense on the palate with acidity and tannins. The sweetish flavors of the malt sugar and partial barrel pre-fills with sweet wines remain in the background, but add to the general complexity.

Subtle dilution provides a broader stage for both the malt and the dried fruit notes, which now show cherry and apricot in addition to raisin. Floral notes such as of hibiscus flower and mace support this effect. The mouthfeel becomes softer and almost velvety. So the addition of some water seems to do this whiskey a lot of good. 


Very long lasting and increasingly dry, the toasted notes become oilier. The slight tingle of the wood acidity and pepper seem almost lively.