Become a cask owner

Purchase exclusively a barrel of the first bottling!

From the grain to barrel filling and storage, all production steps take place on our farm in Dunsum and our fields on Föhr - in the middle of the Wadden Sea Nationalpark. Only a few hundred meters from the rough North Sea. The bottled distillate, our first "New Make", convinces in taste tests and detailed evaluations with its exclusive maritime note even before barrel maturation.

Barrels of batch No 2 are now for sale:

  • Barrel of 60 liters
  • 64 % vol. cask strength
  • 3,5 years storage free of charge (longer storage possible for an extra charge)
  • Barrel storage on the old hayloft only 500 m from the sea
  • barrel pre-stored with Pedro Ximénez or Oloroso
  • barrels insured

Price per cask: 10.500 €

VAT included; transport and bottling not included.

Bottling costs: 7 € per bottle, personalized label on request incl.

Important information:

  • During the maturation escapes per barrel per year about 4%.
  • Before bottling you can determine the drinking strength. We will be happy to advise you!

Have we aroused your interest? Then please contact us personally! Write us an E-mail


The special extra

For an extra charge your barrel can be on a sailing ship (cargo sailer) for 6 months. From Hamburg or Kiel it goes along the Spanish coast to the Canary Islands and from there across the Atlantic to the Caribbean and Mexico. From there along the North American coast to Canada and via the Azores back to Kiel and Hamburg. An Atlantic tour around the Tropic of Cancer. The ship's motion, the rough sea climate and the climatic conditions during the voyage give the whisky yet another very special touch.

Surcharge: 1.000 €

Price incl. transport to Kiel or Hamburg and back. Only after arrangement