Our Distillery

From grain farming to the finished whisky.

Grain farming on Föhr.

The rye and barley as the foundation of Hinrichsen´s Whisky are grown on our farmland. The harsh climate, the salty air and the typical composition of minerals in the soil have a manifold influence on the special quality of our grain (terroir). Sustainable cultivation under ecological aspects is a matter of course for us. The result is an excellent organic cereal.

Processing on the farm

The malting of the grain takes place in elaborate manual work directly on our farm. The grain sprouts on our malting floor, is manually turned and then gently dried. We process the finished malt with Föhrer groundwater from the subsoil of the sandy Geest, a water of the best quality. With yeast cultures we ferment it to the characteristic "farm beer" for the subsequent distillation.

The Farm Distillery

Also important for our whisky production on our farm is certainly the noble copper still, a masterpiece of German manufacture. This is where the malt spirit is distilled, the clear, high-proof basis for Hinrichsen's Farm Whisky. After distilling, the unique character and the elaborate manual work becomes apparent for the first time.


The whisky gets its characteristic, unique taste from storage in oak barrels. Only about 500m from the dike, we store the barrels on the old hayloft of our farm. The harsh North Sea climate gives Hinrichsen´s Whisky it’s very own flavor.

Hinrichsen´s island whisky

As the first farm on the island of Föhr, we have fulfilled our dream of having our own distillery for whisky production. The special location in the middle of the Wadden Sea Nationalpark, the best materials from Föhr and the careful processing on our farm in Dunsum create a unique product. All processing steps take place on our farm, from the cultivation of the grain to the finished product - this is unique in Germany and worldwide very rare.