Our promises

Our promises to you and to us.

We cannot and do not want to produce a standard whisky.

Our own organic grain ripened by the North Sea on our malting floor malted, brewed and distilled in the farm's own distillery and stored in barrels in our hayloft 500m behind the dike gives our whisky a unique taste influenced by the wind and weather of the island of Föhr.

We do not place a high value on growth.

That´s why we only process the grain on our fields on Föhr and what we can create with our own hands.

We work every day to make our actions more sustainable.

In doing so, we always pay attention to a grandchild-friendly cultivation of our farm, as a matter of tradition. On the one hand, we rely on renewable energies, circular economy and organic farming, but also on long-term partnerships with employees and local businesses.

We are honest with you.

That is why we do not invent stories, but experience them since 1630.