Farm traditions

Once upon a time...

The farming business of the Hinrichsen´s family looks back on a long family tradition. Since the year 1630 our family has been running a farm on Föhr. Since 1771 it has farm and land in Dunsum. The current location of the farm, the Aussiedlung, has existed since 1964.

Like many people from Föhr, the ancestors of the current farm owner, Jan-Robert Hinrichsen, were drawn overseas. His great-great-grandfather Hinrich Cornelius Hinrichsen emigrated to America for the first time around 1860 and became  a lumberjack. Others followed, but always one or the other came back to Föhr to continue the farming business. The emigrated ancestors of the family were, among other things, captains on the American route or ran delicatessen stores in New York. 

Even today, there is still good contact with the relatives in the USA, who are farmers in the Hudson Valley, NY.